Prince Harry Falls into a Pool While Dancing!

Prince Harry Falls into a Pool While Dancing!

The days when royalty was only seen stiffly posing for official photos are long gone, as evidenced by a new video of Prince Harry falling into a pool, fully clothed, during a crowded dance party in Croatia. Someone taped the whole thing, and Harry can be seen gyrating barefoot on the pool’s edge, before losing his balance and diving in. Harry then clambers out of the pool, soaking wet, only to keep dancing. The clip and the stills were sent to the British tabloid The Sun, who has the whole story. Watch the video below!

Prince Harry, 26, was in Croatia taking a break from his rigorous Apache helicopter training course (which will take him to the United States for two months), when the sure-to-be-viral video was filmed the Veneranda Club on trendy Hvar island.


"Harry was dancing around with his arms in the air. He was having a great time and seemed pretty tipsy," on onlooker tells the Sun. "Suddenly he just jumped into the pool and one of his friends jumped in after him. Everyone thought it was really funny and Harry was laughing his head off. He was soaked to the skin, but he didn’t care. He loved being the center of attention."

Follow the prince’s plung, a laughing and still sopping-wet Harry posing for pictures while flanked by two gorgeous models: Svetlana Gavrilovic, 28, and blonde Ana Simovic. Speculation about Harry’s personal life has always been intense, especially since his brother Prince William married Kate Middleton in the "wedding of the year" — and we sure Harry will soon be linked to both of the gorgeous young lasses. But for our money, it looks like he’s just having a good time before heading back to his Army training.

As another witness noted. "He was constantly running from one place to another. One moment he was flirting with some girls at the bar, the next he was dancing on the top of a low wall."

The only negative in all of this? Harry’s dancing might get a bad rap. According to another witness, "Harry’s dancing wasn’t great. In fact it was embarrassing. But once they realized who he was, everyone wanted to have a photo with him." Royalty certainly has its privileges.


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